Who We Are

Who We Are

Welcome. SWAN is an informal association of cross-cultural mission agency staff and those engaging cross-culturally in the South West UK. We have worked together on joint projects and events for many years. See What we’ve done.

Our aim – is to serve the Church and Christian Unions in their cross-cultural missionary endeavours both locally and globally. Working together, sharing a wealth of years of contemporary mission experience and resources, SWAN seeks to envision, encourage and resource the Church and Christian Unions in the area to “make disciples of all nations”.

Our ethos – we are here to serve the Church in the region. We strongly believe the church is the primary missional tool in the hands of God and the agencies’ role is to share any expertise we have gained over the years and sometimes to share needs and challenges, as we see them. SWAN operates in accord with the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.

For more information on the mission agencies, networks and organisations to which SWAN is connected, click Partnering Mission Agencies.

We put on joint events. These events include those encouraging and facilitating prayer, promoting a Christ-centred and Biblical vision for holistic mission, raising mission awareness and offering training for mission committees in the task of bringing the blessing of Jesus Christ to others. We have resourced churches mission events and Christian Union evenings. We have regular leaders’ breakfasts and have organised conferences exploring business as mission (BAM) which brings in God’s Kingdom through business in many different ways.

We will help in any way we can: be it offering training for church mission committees, being a sounding board, helping advise or train as churches reach out cross-culturally to those around, helping university students with short term options, or perhaps by helping with a CU global evening. We have a wealth of resources students and churches can choose from. Is there something not currently on offer that you need? The list is endless. If you think we could help don’t hesitate to contact us.

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