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God Uses Short Term Mission

We sat with a mother and daughter in the Syrian refugee home, hearing stories of the pain endured since the conflict began. The mother informed us that her back was injured and we told her of how Jesus healed people. We asked if we could lay hands on her, praying in the name of Jesus for healing to which she agreed.

We then asked a question we had been longing to ask: “Will you gather your friends and family to study more about Jesus directly from the Holy Books?”

When we returned eight Muslim women were waiting to study the creation story from Genesis and start applying it to their lives. Towards the end of our study, we asked if the women had any problems that the group could pray about. Our hostess cut in and started speaking hurriedly in Arabic, telling the women that after we prayed the pain lifted off her back - standing up and sitting down to confirm her healing!

The women were eager to meet again to continue their study, so we set a time for several days later. We began down the road and heard yelling behind, we turned recognising the husband of our hostess running towards us. As single women, we hoped this wasn’t a bad sign. Reaching us he said through our translator...

“Bring men with you the next time! I want to study the Holy Books, too. If you bring men, I will get the husbands of the women my wife has gathered!”

By the end of our two-week trip, the women had met three times and a leader had been identified and taught to lead the studies. The leader regularly meets a long-term worker to discuss how the studies went and answer questions. Now it’s really up to God to speak to these women through his word and draw them to Himself.

Editor's Note

This account comes from a member of a short-term trip who is considering long term service amongst Muslims. Names and places have been omitted for security. More updates:


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