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The only way to beat poverty is through business!

“The only way to beat poverty is through business,” said one of the speakers at the Business as Mission – Explore New Paradigms event on 12th May in Bristol. Sixty men and women from business and (perhaps not so traditional) mission agencies had a great breakfast and heard two enthusiastic and encouraging practitioners.

Tim Simpson (UK Trade Centre was glad to hear that “BAM is not about asking for money for missionaries, nor about using a business to get a visa into a country, and then using the opportunity to do anything BUT business.” He continued...

“It is about helping to establish, and standing alongside those running, genuine and relevant businesses to meet real local need amongst the poorest and the unreached, whilst His people involved quietly example and overflow the Kingdom, and disciples are made.”

It was encouraging to hear that the false sacred-secular divide can be bridged. Business, is a large aspect of human experience and it is one that has it’s origin in the commands God gave humanity at the creation. Like the first century believers and many since it is through such activity we can bring the blessing God plans to bring, model what it really means to follow Jesus and give others an opportunity to follow their Saviour.

As an organiser I was delighted as God worked in so many ways during the event. New links were made that will lead to the blessing of Bristol and Beyond, be it ministry to sex workers in Bristol, working to see poverty eradicated or unreached peoples to have a demonstration of the gospel in both word and deed.

SWAN and Redcliffe College, Gloucester, are planning a follow-up workshop day, Missional business: home & abroad on Saturday 18th October 2014, facilitated by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. It will give you the tools to put missional principles into practice in your business, whether you are or are planning to work in a UK or overseas context. The day will include UK and overseas focused seminar streams. It would be great to see you there!

Further details: Joanne Appleton


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