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The Church has Good News to share. This Good News is for both the communities around us and for the ends of the earth. 

Over the years, many mission agencies have developed with a heart and expertise for sharing the Gospel cross-culturally in specific places, or for specific people groups. SWAN brings together more than 30 such mission agencies in the South West of England and South Wales.


We seek to live out the call to “…go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19) in a variety of ways; from serving and reaching refugees in the UK, to Bible translation for unreached people groups overseas, to sending workers to serve and build the church in other countries and religious settings. 


As a collaboration of cross-cultural mission agencies and support services, we are here to serve the Church in the region. We strongly believe the church is the primary missional tool in the hands of God, and our role is to share any expertise gained over the years and sometimes to share needs and challenges, as we see them.

SWAN exists because together we are a stronger, more useful resource than if we are alone. 

SWAN operates in accord with the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.

what we do

  • SWAN is a useful starting place for exploring what agencies and resources are available to you, your Church or Christian Union, as you explore cross-cultural mission. 

  • SWAN acts as an efficient point of contact, where you can contact a range of agencies at once, who can come and present together as a mission event.

  • Together our experience and expertise can be a broad and useful training resource for the church. 

For more information on the mission agencies, networks and organisations to which SWAN is connected, click HERE.

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