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RAW Mission podcast

RAW Mission is an exciting new podcast by Frontiers UK, packed full of inspiring stories from the mission field. Each episode is based around an interview with a long-term worker among unreached Muslim people groups. The interviews present authentic stories of joy and frustration from ordinary followers of Jesus, with a radical calling to abandon the security and comforts of home. In just the first couple of episodes you can hear the incredible stories of how God protected a Christian school during a terrorist attack, and even how one man was raised from the dead! But the interviews don't shy away from the difficult realities and day to day struggles of following God's call to bring the good news to the unreached. The interviewees are from different backgrounds and have worked in vastly different contexts to one another; and their stories will inspire and challenge you in different ways. You can find RAW Mission on all good podcast apps and websites, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or on the following link: RAW Mission (


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